Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation
Working for families and the community since 1991
Established by
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Claims Conference

The Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation receives its funds to support Holocaust survivors primarily from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, INC.


Bálint Ház

Welcome to the new website of the Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation!
"In order to continue our social activity and run our social programs we need the support of the members of this community. Our goal is to build and develop partnerships and cooperations to support Jewish families in need and help the elderly. The most important goal is to build an independent and caring Jewish community." (Taly Csomó Shaul)
The Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation (HJSSF, also known by its Hungarian abbreviation, MAZS) was established in 1991by the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee), which is also known as "Joint".

We have been working for the families and the community since 1991, and our main goal is to support the elderly Holocaust survivors. The Foundation also supports Jewish families and children in need through the Jaffe Jewish Family Service and plays a significant role in preserving Jewish community life, traditions and culture.

We also support non-Jewish communities through the Marcia Presky Women’s Health Empowerment Program (WHEP), we work to support breast cancer patients, and organize conferences and health preservation programs for underprivileged communities.

On this web site you can find more information about our programs, and how we can support you if you need any help, and also get information also about how you can help.

Taly Csomó Shaul
General Director HJSSF (MAZS) Foundation

Jaffe Családsegítő Szolgálat
Did you know...

In the past 20 years JDC (through the Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation) provided over 100 million dollars of critical welfare support to tens of thousands of needy Jews in Hungary.